Potty Patch - Never worry about your dog home alone again

Built with your dog's comfort in mind the potty patch's three-tiered system keeps messes contained. Made with anti-microbial and odor resistant materials, you’ll love coming home from a long day even more! The porous grass makes sure your dogs paws stay dry after use. Your dog will thank you and so will your floors.

Plus, it’s reusable, portable (bring it anywhere your dog goes), and a breeze to clean. That means it’s better for the environment and for your wallet! Just rinse with soapy water and voila a fresh patch for your dog.

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Milo Dog Bed

Good Things Come in Small Packages

If you could afford the most modern and revolutionary bed featuring the latest innovations and technologies like a calming lavender scent, odour eliminator, and memory foam, wouldn’t you buy it? Well now you can - at least for your dog that is.

No one wants to sleep in a smelly bed - not even your dog. That’s why we coat every single Milo bed with our SilverShield™ treatment. Our pawtented silver ions prevent odour caused by bacteria, so your dog bed doesn’t just look fresh; it stays fresh (and so does your whole house).

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