Milo Dog Bed With SilverShield Technology

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Silver Paw

Dog Bed

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The Milo Bed is the most advanced dog bed in the world. We are not kidding, in addition to its modern and slick design, Milo Bed features the latest technologies so your dog can get the rest he deserves.
  • Award Winning Patented Technology That is Proven To Improve Your Dog's Sleep
  • SilverShield Technology That Helps Mask Odor By Repelling Odor Causing Bacteria
  • Patented Memory Foam Technology To Insure That Your Dog's Comfort 
  • Easy To Clean Cushion So That You Don't Have To Waste Your Time With Hours of Cleaning
  • Free International Shipping and 90 day Money Back Guarantee

Your Milo bed also has a lavender sachet insert that brings a natural perfume to your environment. Lavender is also proven to have a soothing and relaxing effect on your dog. Because the sachet is replaceable you will never run out of perfume.

The removable cover is treated with the SilverShield protection that kills bacterias causing bad odors before they even appear. 

To top these amazing features, the memory foam will give the perfect support to your dog for countless hours of sleep.

Free International Shipping

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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