Hippo Crusha Dog Toy

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Silver Paw


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Description:  Made of the toughest woven nylon, with reinforced seams to challenge your happy chewer. The core of the Crusha is constructed of pet-safe thermoplastic rubber that withstands all weather and, more importantly, teeth.  When removed from the soft body, the rubber core lives on as a hollow toy, ready to hold peanut butter, dog cheese, or the taste treat of your choice. It is a truly durable and cost-effective entertainer. Infused with our trademark SilverShield technology to keep odor-causing microbes away from the toy, and your buddy. 

Charlie says:  “As soon as my eyes met the Hippo, I knew I had to have him.  Would he be soft?  Would he be chewy and delicious? YES.  I’ve been trying to rip his head off for 5 days STRAIGHT.  I will not give up.”

Composition: 100% Nylon; Trim: 100% Thermoplastic rubber

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