Embedded in our great looking apparel is technology that continually protects your dog from extreme cold, dangerous UV rays and smelly odor. Your dog won’t know they’re being protected by our patented SilverShield, SunAlertTM and Cold AlertTM technologies -- they’ll just appreciate feeling warm & comfortable while you’ll appreciate a fresher-smelling house and car!

Our winter apparel is equipped with the ColdAlertTM patch, which reacts to the ambient temperature around your dog and changes color when conditions become extreme. Don’t guess what your dog is feeling. With ColdAlertTM protecting your dog, you’ll know. 

Our apparel is equipped with the SunAlertTM patch, which changes colour according to UV rays. The easy-to-read patch lets you know when it’s time to protect your dog from extreme sun exposure.

All our products are coated with SilverShield, a patented treatment that effectively eliminates odor in pets. A coating of silver ions eliminates microbial bacteria on contact, preventing lingering doggy smell in your house and car. This treatment lasts for over 100 washes.