Milo Bed, probably the best dog bed in the world

Milo Bed is insanely comfortable thanks to its memory foam and its ultra soft galaxy velvet fabric, offering an optimal support for your puppy. Check out our video.

Milo Dog Bed

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Silver Paw Milo Bed is by far the most advanced dog bed in the world. In addition to its modern and revolutionary design, the Milo Bed features the latest innovations & technologies so your dog can get the rest he or she deserves. The entire fabrication of the Milo is treated with our SilverShield technology an antimicrobial that eliminates all poor smelling odours caused by bacteria, keeping your pet fresh and your house odour free.  Your Milo bed also features our advanced lavender sachet insert that brings a natural fresh fragrance to your home. Not to mention, Lavender is also proven to have a soothing and relaxing effect on your dog to help calm your furry companion. Because the Lavender sachet is replaceable you will never run out! To top off these amazing features, the memory foam will give the perfect support to your dog for countless hours of sleep.

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L:  33"
W: 25"
H.: 6"

SilverShield Anti Odour treatment

What if we told you that the Milo Bed eliminates odours even before they appear? Well our SilverShield™ treatment does exactly that, the silver ions eliminate all odour caused by bacteria, to prevent any poor smells from forming. 100% pet safe (EPA Approved). 

Yes your doggy bed will never be smelly!!


It is completely normal for your dog to sometimes get a little nervous or anxious. Well the Milo bed includes a lavender sachet, which is proven to have a relaxing and soothing effect, helping with anxiety and ultimately calming your best friend. The Lavender Sachet are replaceable, so you will never run out of your buzz-inducing aroma.

Optimal Support

Our pups need the optimal body support to get best rest, especially considering they spend more than half their lives sleeping :). The Milo bed is engineered to provide an optimal support for your pooch. The reinforced construction will keep its shape, so your Milo will always look brand new.

It comes in a beautiful tiny bag

Don't be fooled by the size of the bag, the Milo bed is actually huge. We achieved this insanely compact size to offer our pet family something exceptional.

When less means more!


Barky Bark

Chief Executive Barker

Being a professional barker is no easy task and sleep is the main component of my success. Since I have discovered Milo Bed no more sleepless nights, I wake up fresh and early, my bark is louder than before.

Doggy Parton 

Desperate Dog Wife

There is nothing more annoying than a smell of a wet dog, which turns me off. Well the Milo bed is treated with SilverShield™ 
Technology, keeping away all smelly odours. Along with its lavender inserts the Milo keeps me rested, even through my husband snoring. 

Dog Doe

Witness Protection Program

I am actually in a witness protection program, as I was the face of another dog bed starting with K- ending in ER. Just wanted to say that it was all for show and the dough, I actually only sleep on a Milo. Just sayin'... 

Milo Dog Bed

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